Freek Inc.

    As the founder of Atrocious Works you have the chance to work with my up and coming line Freek Inc! We are currently looking for girls with outgoing and creative personalities able to represent Freek Inc in all that we do. Freek Inc spokesmodels are given many tasks such as doing video interviews, modeling merch, doing shoots with bands and other artists, promoting, and if local working merch at shows, as well as maintaining a close relationship with myself, etc. If you feel that this is something you're dedicated and able to do, please thoroughly review the application posted below. Remember that I will be looking for the best girls to represent this company, so be honest and be yourself. Yes, we have received your email, so please wait for your reply!

-Must be 18 years of age or older.
-Must be willing and able to shoot in merchandise &.
-Must be comfortable with yourself and your body (You are going to be posted all over the internet)
-Must have "professional" photos to apply. I understand professional photographers and images can get pricey. But, having a friend take pictures of you will always turn out better than camera phone "selfies".
-Must have 5 clear/visible photos. Head and body shot preferred but not required!
-No camera phone photos.
-Be creative and have fun.

Thank you. 
Ethan P.


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  • How did you hear about Freek Inc?
  • Why do you want to be a Freek Inc spokesmodel?
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